How’s your Bank over-the-counter transaction service?


So I am writing this article because I have plenty of time.. well, at this moment, because I am currently queued in line for an over-the-counter transaction on a BPI branch. Yes, I have the luxury of time in the world.. to rant about how slow and hassle for a depositor to do an over-the-counter transaction.

Why over-the-counter? Well, mainly because not all account related transactions can be done online, over-the-phone, or via ATM and kiosks, and such these mode of transactions, which they call “hassle-free”, can sometimes fail that you need to go directly to your branch and seek for customer service, fall in line, wait, and wait.

I got my transaction number “9” queued for customer service at around 9:30 am, I left the bank for a bit to get something I forgot from home. When I got back, it’s already 10:30 and the transaction is still at #3, the same transaction number since I left. How come? I also noticed that only one teller is processing the queue of about 20-30 waiting for deposits and other transactions.

Personally, I really hate doing over-the-counter bank transactions. It’s time consuming, super hassle and sometimes, you’ll encounter “palakasan-system”, where some depositors (not senior citizens) are cutting the line/queue and go directly to bank personnel, even though it’s so obvious that others are waiting for their turns. I don’t care if they have tons of money named on their account on that branch, we are all depositors and should be treated by the bank personnel equally. If they think they’re special because they have billions in deposits, then they should open their own branch exclusive for them only. That, I would understand.

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