SSS members’ contribution records just got wiped out due to computer glitch

If you are an SSS member and have been contributing since or from 1985 to 1989, you might be one of the members, pensioners or beneficiaries affected of a “computer glitch” that wiped out SSS’ contribution records during those years.

According to reports of Alvin Elchico of ANC Business Nightly yesterday, when SSS digitized its records, over hundreds of thousands of their members’ records were not reflected on their database, causing their members not being able to find if they have made such contributions during those period.

SSS says that it is expected to be fully fixed by mid-2017.

As an IT practitioner, cases like these usually happens due to either human errors, mis-configuration or natural disasters, specially if the systems are not designed to be fault-tolerant, has no fail-over solutions or at least redundant backups of their database.

For SSS, one option to recover from their system failure is to rely on their back ups if they have, if not, then they should by now start looking and digging at their filing cabinets for their members’ contribution records.

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