netPinoy launches DFA Passport Appointment Calendar tool

DFA Realtime Passport Appointment Calendar

DFA Realtime Passport Appointment Calendar

We know, sometimes you’re tired of trying and trying to wait for an available schedule for you to book your passport renewal or application to DFA website. We understand your frustration, so we made this tool publicly available to use for checking available dates on DFA’s website for all of their offices nationwide.

By using this tool, it could also help reduce amount of DFA’s server resources and hosting cost. And so that people don’t need to select each location and check for available slots.. this tool is doing that for you.

Please note that this tool does not guarantee you a slot or any assurance that you will book the date that is available, you still need to go to DFA’s official passport renewal website and secure your slot in there. This tool only displays the current available slots as of the moment we check the availability.

This tool and this website (netPinoy) also HAS NO CONNECTIONS OR ANY AFFILIATIONS with the Department of Foreign Affairs Philippines or any of its subsidiaries. We built this tool from our own initiative, efforts and with our own resources in order to provide this service.

Hit the comments and let us know if you have any suggestions or feature request that could improve this tool. Enjoy!

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