DFA opened hundreds of thousand appointment slots for the whole month of April 2018

If you check our DFA Calendar tool as of this moment, you’ll notice that almost the whole month of April has available appointment slots on almost all of DFA Sites. Thanks to Department of Foreign Affairs for continued improvement of their online passport booking portal’s availability.

During the recent months, many have complained regarding the scarcity and unavailability of passport appointment slots. DFA Sec. Alan Peter Cayetano conducted press conference last January 12, 2018 addressing the issue on fixers and scammers. They even opened about 100,000 slots during the conference but days after, all slots are almost booked. The demand for passport renewal and application appointment has doubled as of last part of 2017, and it’s not surprising that newly opened appointment slots can be booked quickly.

So tonight, we have lots of opened appointment slots again. Let’s hope this can at least alleviate the frustrations of our fellow Filipino people on booking their appointments.

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