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Makati Subway: Construction Started

I’m intrigued because I thought this project will not push through. Some say it’s just political propaganda during the 2019 Midterm Election. I have heard from the news about the Metro Manila Subway (MMS) also know as the Mega Manila Subway, but I have not been updated lately on the Makati Subway project since then.

After reading this Facebook Post yesterday, I thought I should drop by on the actual site of the photo to see it for myself. I was amazed and excited. For me, It’s like an urban legend, that has come to reality.

As I read more about the background of the project, if I’m not mistaken, the company behind the project is Makati Subway Inc., which is a wholly owned company of Philippine Infradev Holdings. It started since 2018 when the City of Makati awarded the project to then IRC Properties (now Philippine Infradev Holdings) and the target completion of the infrastructure project is on 2025.

This is a very good news not just to the people of Makati, but also to the commuters from other cities that works on Makati CBD, as it will help them on their daily commute to work. Kudos to the city of Makati for making this really happen!

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